Why you should register

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Grow your clientele

Thanks to our marketing efforts every day new people post their cases on the site looking for legal experts. You can send your offers to as many cases as you like and connect with people who need lawyers quickly.

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Try it for free

Register for the site for free and use its full functionalities for a month. After the free month expires, you can subscribe to a monthly or yearly plan which can be cancelled any time. You will retain your account settings and reviews even if you don’t subscribe before the trial month ends.

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Save time

You don’t have to spend time on cases what you are not comfortable with. All cases posted on the site are pre-screened, so the most of your questions are already answered. Applying to a case only takes a few minutes and couldn’t be easier.

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Increase your revenue

By saving time and marketing costs you can work more effectively, take on more clients and improve your bottom line. After the first free month, you can get access to dozens of potential new clients for the price of only 10 Euros a month.

How it works

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Click on the register button and create an account. After you have provided your credentials, you will receive an email with a verification link. By clicking on the link, you can verify your account and you are ready for the next step.

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Fill out your profile

Follow the instructions in your profile and provide the necessary information in order to activate your account. You need to set up regions and legal fields in which you operate. You can also write an introduction, upload a profile picture, set an address and add contact details.

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Start sending offers

If you have followed the previous steps, your account becomes live and you can start applying for cases. You will automatically appear in our lawyer database as well, so clients can find you even if they are not registered.


Our website is designed to connect people in need of legal services with experienced lawyers and legal advisors. Due to our marketing activities, people regularly post their legal tasks (cases) on the site from all around the country for free. By registering to the site, you can send your proposals to these cases, acquiring new clients and growing your praxis.
We offer a free trial month for lawyers to try the site including all premium features – no credit card needed. After the trial month ends, you can choose between a monthly, semi-annually and yearly subscription, which cost 10 EUR, 50 EUR and 88 EUR respectively. You can cancel your subscription any time and still retain all your premium features until the end of your current billing period.
Upon registration, you will be prompted to fill out your lawyer profile, including your legal fields of expertise and the regions in which you take on clients from. Yyou will receive email notifications about new cases posted on the site which fit your criteria. Although you won’t receive notifications about cases outside of your expertise or your area, you are still free to apply to them if you are comfortable undertaking the case. You can change your preferences any time on your profile.
As an active lawyer you can send your proposals to as many cases as you want. If you are selected for a meeting or hired through the site, you will set up an in-person meeting with your new client and agree on the contractual and payment terms. Please note that a “hire” through the site is not legally binding and the client is free to change their mind. We also do not process payments or provide escrow services between client and lawyer.
Absolutely. Everyone who posts their cases on the website are in need of legal help and are explicitly looking for lawyers, therefore you are free to send your proposals to them and by doing so, you won’t violate the ethical code of lawyers. We only advertise to people searching for legal services on Google, and we anonymize all users who post their cases on the site. If anything, the site makes it easier for people to find a legal professional who suits their needs.