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Creating your lawyer profile

1.) Registering on the site

After registering on the site as a lawyer, the first thing you need to do is verifying your email address. Upon registration, an automatic message is sent to you with a link, by clicking on it you confirm your email address and you can start filling out your profile.

2.) Filling out your profile

Your first step on the site should be selecting your legal fields and regions from which you accept clients. You can select as many regions and legal fields as you want but selecting at least one is mandatory to use the site’s all functionalities. After that you can fill out the rest of your profile, including a profile picture, your experiences as a lawyer and links to your social media and website. You can also choose to appear as a law firm by selecting the appropriate field on your profile. You can change any of these data later.

3.) Requesting verification

In order to build trust with potential clients and to avoid fraud, we encourage you to verify your status as a certified lawyer. Doing so will result in receiving a certified badge on your profile. You can request a verification by clicking on the Verify button on your dashboard and filling out the necessary forms and submitting the requested documents. Verifying these certificates may take up to a few days. We will inform you in email when we have verified your profile or if we need additional documents to be submitted.

4.) Managing subscriptions

You can manage your subscriptions by clicking on the Manage Subscriptions button on your profile. Here you can see the end of your free trial period or the date of the next billing. You can also subscribe to a paid plan or cancel your subscription here.


Applying to cases

1.) Finding relevant cases

You can see all available legal cases by clicking on the Cases button, listed in chronological order. You are free to send your proposal to any cases, even if they are outside of your set region(s) or legal field(s). Each posted case is open for 30 days by default, or until the client decides to delete it or hire someone. You can use the search bar to narrow down cases relevant to you. Additionally, we will notify you about relevant cases posted on the site in email. 

2.) Sending your proposals

You can apply to a case by clicking on the Apply button on the bottom left corner of a case. After clicking, a popup window will appear, where you can write your message and your prices, specifying whether if it’s an hourly wage or the price for the whole legal work. Try not to rely on canned messages too much and reflect on the issues specified in the case description.

3.) Chatting with clients

If a client wants to connect you to discuss further details about their case, they can send you a direct message through the site. We will notify you in email about incoming messages sent through the site, which you can reply to by logging into your account, going to your Messages tab and selecting the message you want to reply to. You are free to disclose your contact information here. However, for the comfort of our clients, you can only send them messages if they have contacted you first.


Meeting with clients

1.) Requested meetings

If a client requests a meeting, you will receive each other’s contact information, and you can contact each other in email or phone, scheduling an in-person meeting to further discuss their needs. A client is free to request a meeting with as many lawyers as they want, and the case won’t be closed. During the in-person meeting you can further discuss the details of the case and see if you are comfortable working with each other. Please notify the client in advance if this initial meeting will cost them and if yes, how much.

2.) Hires

If a client hires you through the site, you will receive each other’s contact information and the case will be closed for further applications. After receiving the contact information, you are free to contact them to start working together. Please note that a hire through the site is not legally binding and a client is free to change their mind. If you are hired for a case, you need to write an agreement with your client, specifying your hourly prices and how they will pay you.